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Annual Specialty, Banquet & Silent Auction


August 27, 2021

Madison, OH

Specialty Judge  ~  Stephanie Hedgepath "JIMANIE"

Sweepstakes  Judge  ~  Melody Kist "HARMONY"


Thursday Night (Aug. 26th) Welcome Party & Puppy Match

Match Judge ~ Debbie Royster


Friday Night (Aug. 27th) Banquet and Silent Auction

at the Grand River Cellars  Winery & Restaurant

5750 Madison Rd.  Madison, OH 44051

Specialty Showchair: Debbie Dennis ~ corgidr@gmail.com


See Specialty page for more info.

October 2021

Halloween Walk and Potluck

Hudson Springs Park
7095  Stow Rd

December 2021

Members Holiday Party and Meeting


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COVID-19 Protocols will be followed


Membership meeting:


June 27, 2021

Time 11:15

Place: 2644 River Road, Willoughby Hills, OH

Annual Corgi Fair:


Sunday, June 27, 2021

Time: 12:00 to 3:00

Place: The home of Dr. Debbie Dennis @ 2644 River Road, Willoughby Hills, OH

All upcoming events will be pending on what is happening with the COVID-19 situation

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