The club was formed in 1989 and is an affiliated member of the Pembroke Welsh Corgi Club of America, Inc. We encourage and support the responsible breeding and ownership of quality pure-bred Pembroke Welsh Corgis, thus, bringing their natural qualities to perfection by protecting and advancing the health and best interest of the Breed. We  are made up of all types of corgi lovers. Some of us show our dogs in conformation, some do obedience, some do agility or herding  and some of us do nothing but love our dogs. What all of us have in common is a love of the breed.


Once a year in August we  hold a sanctioned and licensed specialty &  puppy match in conjunction with the Western Reserve and Sugarbush Kennel Clubs.


We also host a wonderful Corgi Fair day with fun and games for corgis and owners a like and in the Fall we enjoy a Dog Walk, complete with a Corgi Costume Contest. Each year we have a Herding Fun Day to allow our corgis a chance to use their talents for gathering  sheep. All corgi owners are welcome to join in the fun.


PWCCWR is dedicated to the Code of Ethics established in accordance with the objectives of the PWCCA  to protect and advance the interests of the Pembroke Welsh Corgi. It is written to provide guidelines for responsible ownership and ethical breeding practices, and it is dedicated to the preservation and welfare of the Pembroke Welsh Corgi All Club members are in good standing with the American Kennel Club and the Pembroke Welsh Corgi Club of America and agree to abide by the Code of Ethics.


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v Officers & Board President: Debbie Dennis, Vice-President: Hope Weisburn, Treasurer: Ron Smetana, Secretary: Raelene Gorlinsky, Board Members: Deborah Royster, Debbie Brooks, Sara Beis,

Breeder Referral


Lisa & Michael Ben-Dror, " Coffee Cup"  717-858-2745 ~ Euclid, OH


Debbie & Rich Brooks, "Ula Mauna"  330-321-8882 ~ Valley City, OH


Lesa Daugherty, "Heaven Scent "  248-342-5642 ~ Oxford, MI


Dan Hartman, "Lionhart"  216-402-3477 ~ Elyria, OH


Robin Herrick, "Beaumanor"   724-971-0043 ~ New Wilmington, PA


Jackie Lude, "Addis " 740-391-9015 ~ Bridgeport, OH


Deborah Royster,  "Foxwood" 330-701-5496 ~ Hudson, OH


Karen Werfield, "Fairykist" 440-668-4911 Chardon, OH

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