AKC Scentwork Titles for Lola

From Sara Beis:

Lola had a grand time at Toledo KC for her very 1st Scent Trial. She aced Novice Containers with 1st place in all 4 trials and 1st in 3 Exterior searches! She earned her Novice titles in Containers, Interiors and Exteriors on her very first try! We returned to TKC in October 15th to finish her Novice Buried Title – for her SWN (Scent Work Novice) and start on her Advanced level trials. She finished her Advanced Exteriors and Containers titles at Cleveland All Breeds Club the following weekend. Now she’s Lionhart’s She’s Some Kinda Wonderful NAP NJP NFP FCAT SWN SCA SEA and can wait for trial season to start in the spring!

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